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  • Board of Supervisors' responses to the Grand Jury Final Report for the following cases:
    1. San Joaquin Juvenile Justice Center;
    2. San Joaquin County Exempt Position Hiring - Case #02-07;
    3. San Joaquin County Animal Control - Case #09-07;
    4. Mary Graham Children's Shelter - Case #10-07;
    5. San Joaquin County Registrar of Voters - Case #01-07(C) follow up report;
    6. San Joaquin County Stockton Metropolitan Airport - Case #01-07(D) follow up report;
    7. SJC Behavioral Health Services and SJC Office of Education (Valley LINCs Program) - Case #01-07(E) follow up report;
    8. San Joaquin County Emergency Medical Services - Case #01-07(F) follow-up report.
  • The City Of Stockton's Responses To The 2007-2008 Grand Jury Report
    • The Stockton Police Department
    • Case No. 04-07 relating to City of Stockton Central Parking District
    • Case No. 01-07A relating to City of Stockton Community Development Department Building Permit Fees
    • Case No. 01-07B relating to City of Stockton Code Enforcement,
    • Case No. 01-07F relating to San Joaquin County Emergency Medical Services

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