CASE # 0499 Franklin High School



Reason For Investigation


The San Joaquin County Civil Grand Jury (SJCCGJ) received a citizenís complaint alleging questionable professional and ethical behavior against Franklin High School Administration during 1998-1999.




  1. A citizen complaint alleged a lack of basic maintenance, which resulted in injury and/or illness to the complainant. It is also alleged that the reporting of said injury and/or illness was met with retaliation by school officials in the form of poor performance evaluations.


  1. Complainant also reported inadequate investigations by the Stockton Unified School District (SUSD) Police Department.


  1. A citizen complaint alleged that school administrators altered an official school transcript to assist a student in obtaining a scholarship.


Method of Investigation


The SJCCGJ met with School officials and conducted site tours.The SJCCGJ obtained and reviewed the policies and procedures for managing on the job injuries at Stockton Unified School District.Relative SUSD Police Department reports and training files were subpoenaed.


Findings and Conclusions


  1. The SJCCGJ finds that preventative maintenance crews inspect schools twice a year.Full time groundskeepers are on staff to provide routine maintenance and receive assistance from the corporation yard when needed.Risk Management evaluates safety conditions as needed in a timely manner.Risk Management has adequate policies and procedures for managing on the job injuries.




  1. The SJCCGJ found that an agreement was enacted between the Stockton Police Department, San Joaquin Sheriffs Department and the Stockton Unified School District to investigate certain felony and misdemeanor crimes.After review of various SUSD Police

reports, the SJCCGJ finds that investigations were adequately conducted and appropriate actions were taken.


  1. An investigation was conducted by the SUSD Administration and Police Department. The allegations were substantiated by SUSD Administration in the course of their investigation. Appropriate disciplinary action was taken against the school officials involved.


The SJCCGJ finds the new administration at Franklin High School is taking an active role in making positive changes.






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