Complaint Form

(Download the Civil Grand Jury Complaint form here.)

Complaint Procedure

Any citizen may submit a complaint to the Civil Grand Jury. All communications are confidential. A citizen may ask the Grand Jury to conduct an investigation into misconduct or inefficiencies by county governmental agencies.

The Grand Jury can act on complaints dealing with a county department, any city within the county, all school districts and special purpose or taxing districts in the county.

The Grand Jury may consider complaints of willful or corrupt misconduct against public officials and policies, county and city employees; including the abolition or creation of offices and the equipment for performing duties of county government.

The Grand Jury Complaint Form should be submitted by citizens after all attempts to correct a situation have been explored, and without success.

Instructions for preparing the Complaint Form:

  • Include your name, address and phone number
  • Name the agency and/or person(s) you are complaining against
  • Explain the nature of your complaint and provide detailed information
  • List any other action requested or taken in an attempt to resolve the issue
  • Provide contact information of witnesses who can substantiate your complaint