Effective 7/10/2023, Probate is transitioning to Zoom.  Should parties opt to appear remotely, the party may use Zoom as set forth below.

For all General hearings, Law and Motion hearings, Ex Parte hearings, and Orders to Show Cause, parties may appear remotely with no notice to the other parties or to the Court. 

For Evidentiary Hearings, Settlement Conferences, Bench or Court Trials, and Jury Trials, parties must appear in person, unless the party or attorney requests and receives express written authorization to appear remotely by the judicial officer.

SEE LOCAL RULE 4-117, Civil Code of Procedure section 367.75 and California Rule of Court, rule 3.672 FOR FURTHER INFORMATION.

Before your hearing date:

  • Visit for more information on how Zoom works and how you can join meetings.  Zoom works on computer desktops, tablets and most smartphones.
  • Test the Zoom audio and video functions on your devise before your hearing.  Visit for more information on how to test your devise.


  • Use the link below [Video appearance is required, unless you do not have access to a devise with video capability].
DepartmentZoom LinkMeeting IDPasscode
11ADept 11A Zoom Link161 8448 8804007666

Or log onto through your internet browser or through the app on your mobile devise.  Click “JOIN A MEETING” and enter the Meeting ID and click “Join.”  Then enter the Passcode

  • If you do not have access to an electronic devise with video capability, you can participate by telephone.  Dial 1-669-254-5252.  The Meeting ID and Passcode are the same for video appearances or audio appearances.  If you join by telephone without a mute button, you may be able to use *6 to unmute and mute your telephone.
  • Rename your device to display your first and last name (no phone numbers or pseudonyms are acceptable). 

NOTE:  You may have to wait several minute to be checked in by the courtroom clerk.  After being checked in, please mute your audio, and turn off your video, while you wait for your case to be called.  Do not call the department or courtroom to ask when your case will be called.

NOTE: The courtroom clerk only does a check in for the 8:30 am, Monday 10 am calendars, and for specially set Zoom appearances.  If you have a hearing at 8:45, 9:15, or 9:30, you will likely enter Zoom and be in a waiting room while other hearings are going on.  Be sure you have your audio muted and turn your video off until your case is called.

Technical difficulties:  If a remote participant is disconnected from the video hearing or experiences some other technical failure, the participant must use best efforts to promptly re-establish the connection.  If the participant cannot reconnect to the hearing they must notify the court by phone at 209-992-5696.


  • RECORDING (Audio, Video or Screenshots) OF ANY REMOTE APPEARANCE IS ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED.  Any violation of this rule this rule is an unlawful interference with the proceedings of the court and may be the basis for an order imposing monetary or other sanctions as provided by law.
  • Video appearances should be live and not a photograph or still image.  Virtual backgrounds or filters are not allowed as they modify your appearance – use a real time background instead.
  • All remote participants must follow the same courtroom etiquette requirements as those appearing in person, including appropriate attire, no eating, no drinking, cell phones off (unless using a cell phone to connect, then “do not disturb” mode should be used so other calls, alerts or notifications are silenced).
  • Remote participants must call from a quiet and private location with a minimum of background noise and use best efforts to eliminate all visual and auditory distractions during the hearing.

Other Instructions/Suggestions:

  • Ensure you have enough battery power, a charger readily available, and access to cellular data or Wi-Fi for the entire session.
  • Position your camera at eye level so that you are looking into the camera when speaking.
  • Ensure there is enough light for the camera to illuminate you.
  • Close all other programs not in use so they do not interfere with your connection
  • Only one person should speak at a time.  Do not talk over each other.
  • Raise your hand when objecting or want to speak in case there is a lag time in audio, and so you do not interrupt others.