Community Outreach

Welcome to the Superior Court Community-Focused Court Planning information page. Here you will find out about our outreach programs and our ongoing efforts to seek out and include community interests and concerns in our planning process. In our county, as in the rest of the state, community-focused court planning is an ongoing exercise. The initial Long-Range Strategic Plan required by the Judicial Council is just the beginning of a work in perpetual progress. Our local planning team and the court are committed to making the process work now and in the future for the betterment of our local justice system and for the benefit of the community we serve.

Courtroom to Schoolroom Programs

First Impressions Program

Mission Statement of the Court

The San Joaquin County Superior Court shall resolve disputes and address problems applying the rule of law in a fair, equal, consistent, efficient, timely, and understandable manner with integrity and professionalism. The court shall promote public confidence and provide user-friendly, customer oriented services and treat all people with respect and dignity in a safe and secure environment.

Vision Statement of the Court

The vision of the San Joaquin County Superior Court includes the following core values:

  • Fairness – Impartiality
  • Administrative Consistency
  • Internal and External Teamwork
  • Flexible and Responsive to Changing Needs
  • Fiscal Awareness – Reality Based
  • Astute and Zealous in Pursuit of Funds to Meet Community Expectations
Long-Range Strategic Plan Summary

Click here for a copy of the Court’s most recent long range strategic plan in Adobe Acrobat Format.

Court – Community Leadership and Liaison Program

The Court and Community Leadership and Liaison Program establishes a bridge between the Court and various ethnic and immigrant communities as well as the disabled community in San Joaquin County. The program is designed to provide an effective means of communication between the Courts and people from these communities.

The program has three components. First, participants in the program attend an “Academy” which provides them with information covering general topics related to the justice system and topics specific to our local justice system. Second, individuals who “graduate” from the Academy serve a liaison function with their communities. They are available to answer questions people in their community may have concerning the justice system and/or to contact the person within the system who might be able to answer the question. Third, participants serve as representatives for their communities and meet with the courts on a regular basis to discuss court-related problems or concerns in their communities.

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(209) 992-5287

Contact the Community-Focused Planning Team

We encourage you to leave comments with us about anything on the Community-Focused Planning page. Your input and suggestions will help us better meet our goals for community involvement in our planning process.

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