Court Administration

Judicial Administration

As provided by the California Constitution, judges are initially appointed by the Governor to serve on the Superior Court bench. At the end of each judge’s six-year term, they stand for re-election in county-wide elections. Court Commissioners and Referees are subordinate judicial officers appointed by the Judges of the Superior Court.

The following is a listing of judicial administrative assignments. These duties are carried out in addition to the general calendar assignment of each judicial officer.

Hon. Linda L. Lofthus, Presiding Judge

Hon. Xapuri B. Villapudua, Assistant Presiding Judge

Hon. Michael D.Coughlan, Presiding Judge, Juvenile

Hon. Roger Ross, Supervising Judge, Civil

Hon. Robin Appel, Supervising Judge, Family Law

Hon. Seth R. Hoyt, Jr., Supervising Judge, Criminal

Hon. Xapuri B. Villapudua, Supervising Judge, Unlawful Detainers / Small Claims

Executive Committee
Hon. Lesley D. Holland
Hon. Jose L. Alva
Hon. Richard J. Guiliani
Hon. David P. Warner
Hon. Michael D. Coughlan
Hon. Robin Appel
Hon. Linda L. Lofthus, Chair
Hon. Seth R. Hoyt
Hon. Xapuri B. Villapudua, Vice-Chair
Hon. Roger Ross
Rosa Junqueiro, Court Executive Officer
Adrianne Forshay, Assistant Court Executive Officer

Court Administration

The court administration, headed by the Executive Officer, has overall responsibility for the management of Superior Court operations. Administration offices are located in the Stockton Courthouse.

Rosa Junqueiro, Court Executive Officer/Jury Commissioner
Adrianne Forshay, Assistant Court Executive Officer/Deputy Jury Commissioner