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Juvenile Court is responsible for adjudicating matters regarding minors. The judges assigned to Juvenile Court hear cases involving minors.  Juvenile Traffic Hearing Officers hear matters regarding misdemeanor traffic offenses.

All Juvenile Dependency matters are heard  at the Stockton Courthouse.

All Juvenile Delinquency matters are heard at the Juvenile Justice Center located at 535 W Mathews Rd, French Camp, CA 95231.

Juvenile Dependency Transfer-in Hearing information:

Clerk’s Office:(209) 992-5706 (Monday – Friday, 8:00AM to 4:00PM)
Location:180 E Weber Ave., Ste 240
Stockton, CA  95202
Hearing Info:Monday – Friday at 8:30AM in Dept 9C
HSA ContactRenee Hill

Within 48 hours of the completion of the
Transfer-Out hearing, please contact HSA directly
with the case information and for additional instructions.

Juvenile Delinquency Transfer-in Hearing information:

Clerk’s Office:(209) 992-5698 (Monday – Friday, 8:00AM to 12:00PM)
Location:535 W Matthews Rd.
French Camp, CA  95231
Hearing Info:Non-Detained, Monday – Friday at 8:45AM (Dept. J1 or J3)
Detained, Monday – Friday at 11:00AM (Dept. J1 or J3)
Juvenile Dependency Court

This court hears matters concerning abuse or neglect to determine whether a minor should be made a ward of the Court. Unlike delinquency or status offender proceedings, dependency proceedings are initially directed towards demonstrating that the parent has harmed or is unable to properly care for his or her child. If Juvenile Court jurisdiction is established, the court will then determine whether the minor should be removed from the parent’s custody and, if so, what placement would be more appropriate for the minor’s needs. Services are offered to parents to assist them in the proper care of their children. Social workers and other professionals assist the court in evaluating the needs of minors. Parents and children may be appointed counsel to represent them in these proceedings.

Most juvenile proceedings are confidential matters and are inaccessible to anyone other than the parties involved in the case. Please note: If you are a party to a juvenile dependency case and call the clerk’s office, the clerk will NOT be able to provide you with any information over the telephone.

Click here to view a Juvenile Dependency Court Orientation Video.

For more information about Juvenile Dependency Court, please visit the California Courts website.

Click here for Juvenile Dependency forms.

Juvenile Delinquency Court

This court hears matters where the conduct of a minor would be considered a criminal offense, such as a felony or misdemeanor, if committed by an adult. In the case of serious felonies, such as murder, the judge determines whether or not the minor should be tried as an adult. Consequences may range from counselling, probation, home detention, in or out of state placement, juvenile hall detention, or detention in the CDCR Department of Juvenile Justice.

Click here to view a Juvenile Delinquency Court Orientation Video.

For more information about Juvenile Delinquency Court, please visit the California Courts website.

Click here for Juvenile Delinquency forms.

Juvenile Traffic Court

The Juvenile Traffic Hearing Officer hears cases where a minor has received a traffic citation. Minors must be accompanied by a parent to the court hearing. Traffic/minor offenses can be adjudicated by reprimands, fines, or traffic school. Under certain serious circumstances, the court may refer the citation to the Probation Department so that the minor’s case may be handled under delinquency proceedings.

Juvenile Records

San Joaquin County Juvenile Court limits access to juvenile court records in accordance with the law and Welfare and Institutions Code Section 827.

Availability of these records is restricted to certain court personnel, the minor, parents or guardian, attorneys involved in the case and other persons designated by the Presiding Judge of the Juvenile Court. Identification is required. Juvenile court records may not be obtained or inspected by civil or criminal subpoena.

File Viewing Instructions for Parties Having Access to a Juvenile Dependency Case:

  • Contact the Juvenile Dependency Department
  • Provide the Case Number for the file you wish to review
  • Provide a valid contact phone number and email address if available
  • Have valid identification to present at the time of the appointment

Upon confirmation of your access to the case, Records Management will contact you to schedule an appointment. Please note that it may take up to a week before you are contacted and/or the appointment is scheduled. Also be reminded that you must present a valid ID before the documents can be viewed.