Interpreter Information

Phone: Intepreter Coordinator – (209) 992-5364
Address: Physical:
180 E Weber Ave 11th Floor
Stockton, CA 95202

Superior Court of California – San Joaquin
180 E Weber Ste 1111
Stockton, CA 95202

The Court will provide an interpreter at no cost for the following case types:

  • Criminal
  • Traffic
  • Infraction
  • Juvenile Delinquency
  • Juvenile Dependency
  • Family Law Contempt/Order to Show Cause for failure to pay child support

When funding is available, the Court will also provide an interpreter for:

  • Family Law hearing involving Domestic Violence
  • Proceeding related to an Elder Abuse Protective Order
  • Proceedings related to dependent adult abuse cases
  • Family Law hearing in general
  • For litigants who need assistance when using family court services

The Court does not provide interpreters for the following:

  • Civil proceedings – including Civil Limited, Civil Unlimited, Probate, Small Claims and Unlawful Detainer (landlord/tenant)

The Court does provide Sign Language Interpreters for all case types.

  • You may request an American Sign Language Interpreter in the same manner as spoken language interpreters. See How to Request an Interpreter below.
  • For other accommodations for persons with disabilities, please visit the ADA section of this website.
How to Request an Interpreter – cases in which the court provides an interpreter

Information required to submit a request for interpreter:

  • Language needed
  • Name of person needing the interpreter
  • Case number (if one has been assigned)
  • Date and time that the interpreter is needed
  • Courthouse location and department/courtroom number

There are several ways to request an interpreter:

  • Email – Send an email to the Interpreter Coordinator at You must include the information required as noted above.
  • Phone – You may call the Interpreter Coordinator at (209) 992-5364. Please be ready to provide the information required as noted above.
  • At your court hearing – You may request an interpreter when you appear in court. If an interpreter is not available, the Court may continue your matter.

To request an Interpreter for a witness:

How to Obtain an Interpreter When the Court Does Not Provide One

There are two ways for you to obtain the services of an interpreter: