Civil Harassment Orders can be picked up from the Clerk’s Office (2nd Floor)  from 3:30 pm – 4:00 pm. If filed before 10 am, same day pick up; If filed after 10 am, next business day pick up.

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Direct Calendaring of Civil Cases

Per Local Rule 3-101, Civil cases are assigned to a judicial officer for all purposes at the time of filing the action. Direct calendaring rules shall not be construed to interfere with the Presiding Judge’s authority to assign or reassign cases. At the time of the initial filing of any case, the Clerk’s office shall generate a Notice of Case Assignment and Notice of Hearing identifying the judicial officer who is assigned for all purposes including trial. A copy of this notice must be included with the service of the Complaint, Summons and ADR information upon all named defendants. “This case has been assigned to Judge ______________ in Department _____ for all purposes including trial.”

Calendar and Judicial Assignment (para Español)

Notice of How to Appear Remotely

A. For Case Management Conferences, Law and Motion hearings, and Ex Parte hearings, parties may appear remotely pursuant to Civil Code of Procedure section 367.75 and California Rule of Court, rule 3.672. 

a. Parties may stipulate either orally or in writing to waive notice of other participants’ appearing remotely for Case Management Conferences, Law and Motion hearings, and Ex Parte hearings.

b. This Court waives notice of parties appearing remotely for Case Management Conferences, Law and Motion hearings, and Ex Parte hearings.

c. Nothing limits the discretion of the judicial officer to require parties to appear in person for Case Management Conferences, Law and Motion hearings, and Ex Parte hearings.

d. A remote appearance for Case Management Conferences, Law and Motion hearings, and Ex Parte hearings will not be permitted if the tentative ruling posted for the hearing states that an in-person appearance is required, or the court advises the person requesting to appear remotely that the judicial officer has determined that an in-person appearance is necessary.

B. For Case Management Conferences, Law and Motion hearings, and Ex Parte hearings, the Court has a telephone Bridge Conference Line platform that supports audio only.

a. To attend the remote hearing: Call into (209) 992-5590, then follow the prompts and use the Bridge # and Pin # for the Department where your case is to be heard:
Dept. 10A (Judge Abdallah): Bridge #: 6938; Pin # 3784
Dept. 10B (Judge Bañuelos): Bridge # 6939; Pin # 3892
Dept. 10C (Judge Lee): Bridge # 6937; Pin # 6822
Dept. 10D (Judge Kronlund): Bridge # 6940; Pin # 3782
Dept. 11B (Judge Waters): Bridge # 6941; Pin # 5564

b. At the discretion of the Judicial Officer, a Zoom video platform may be provided for the parties to appear.  The Court will provide the video access meeting link, or require a party to provide notice of the video access meeting link.

c. Any recording, reproduction, or re-broadcasting of a court proceeding held remotely, including screenshots or other visual or audio copying of a hearing, is prohibited.

C. For Evidentiary Hearings, Settlement Conferences, Bench or Court Trials, Jury Trials, and hearings on Orders to Show Cause, parties must appear in person, unless the party or attorney requests and receives express written authorization to appear remotely by the judicial officer.

a. A party may request to appear remotely by filing and serving a Notice of Remote Appearance Form RA-010 and submitting the Order Regarding Remote Appearance RA-020 with the Court no later than10 court days before the Evidentiary Hearing, Settlement Conference, Bench or Court Trial, Jury Trial, or Order to Show Cause. Upon review, the Judicial Officer will indicate on the Order if the request is Granted or Denied.

b. In response to notice of remote appearance, any party may file and serve an Opposition to Remote Proceedings Form RA-015 no later than 5 court days before the hearing in question.

c. A party must deliver a copy of any written Notice or Opposition under (a) or (b) to the department in which the proceeding is to be held.

For Case Management Conferences and Further Case Management Conferences: The courtroom clerk will make announcements and the Judge will call the calendar. Please mute your phones when you are not speaking, and remember to unmute your phone when you are speaking.

Law and Motion

Motions are heard Tuesdays through Fridays (except when Tuesday is the first court day of the week) at 9:00AM. When submitting the moving papers for filing, please have at least five (5) dates (within the proper time provisions) for the clerk to check for availability. Proof of service must be on file with the Superior Court Clerk’s office prior to the scheduled hearing. Motions are heard remotely unless otherwise directed by the Judge/Department.

Court Assignment Table

Click here to view the current scheduling information for civil cases.

Courtesy Copies: Local Rule 3-117 requires courtesy copies are required for all substantive motions, all trial documents, and additionally on a case-by-case basis per Judge’s request. The courtesy copies should be delivered directly to the Drop Box on the 1st floor. Failure to provide courtesy copies as directed in the Court’s Local Rules may result in your matter being continued on the Court’s own motion to allow you time to provide courtesy copies, the imposition of monetary sanctions, and or any other sanctions allowed by law for violation of a Court’s Local Rules. CCP Sections 128, 575.1.

Please note: All Civil Petitions to Approve Compromise of Minor will be heard by the Probate Judge (currently Judge Humphreys in Department 11A) on Mondays only. Any hearing will be scheduled pursuant to CRC, Rule 7.950 et seq.

Tentative Rulings

San Joaquin County Superior Court, Stockton Branch, utilizes the tentative ruling system for law and motion matters. The tentative ruling process does not include unlawful detainers (evictions).

For Law and Motion Matters: Tentative rulings for Law and Motion will be posted electronically by 1:30PM the day before the hearing. To view a tentative ruling, visit Tentative Rulings under Online Services, click on the Tentative Ruling button and follow the prompts. Any party wishing to contest or argue the tentative ruling must email the court at Civil Court Clerks that they intend to appear remotely no later than 4:00 PM on the day before the scheduled hearing. The Department, Case Number, Case Name, and party’s name must be in the header of the email. The email must include the Department, Case Number, Case Name, Motion, party’s name, and email, date and time of the hearing, issues they plan to argue, and that they have informed the opposing party. The party must also notify affected counsel or unrepresented parties that they intend to appear, no later than 4:00PM on the day before the scheduled hearing. Unless the Court and opposing counsel have been notified, the tentative ruling shall become the ruling of the Court without oral argument.

At this time, we are not able to provide information over the phone. To communicate with the Courtroom Clerk of the Civil department to which your case is assigned, please email questions to Civil Court Clerks, indicating in the title of the email the Department, Case Number, Case Name, and party’s name. The Courtroom Clerk assigned to the department handling your case will return your email.

To ensure the Court has your most recent contact information, if you have not already done so, please register your email address and mobile number on the Court’s website under Online Services, Attorney Registration. Non-Attorneys may also register for Hearing Notifications under Online Services at San Joaquin Superior Court.

Ex Parte Matters

Any party wishing to schedule an Ex Parte matter must first contact the appropriate civil courtroom for approval before filing documents in the clerk’s office. This process does not include unlawful detainers (evictions).

Mandatory Settlement Conferences:
All departments require trial counsel, parties, and persons with full authority to settle the case to personally attend the conference, unless excused by the Judge for good cause.

Telephone Appearances Information

Unless otherwise ordered, parties may appear by telephone at case management conferences, law and motion hearings, and fast track (OSC’s) hearings. If you want to appear by telephone you must do so by following the instructions provided in the Notice of How to Appear Remotely above. Counsel, or self-represented parties, wishing to appear by telephone, must be available at the designated date and time of the hearing and remain available until their matter is heard.

Calendario y Asignaciones Judiciales

Todas las audiencias se conducirán remotamente a menos de que el Juez/Departamento indique diferente. Vea las instrucciones debajo para comparecer a su audiencia remotamente.  Cada Juez/Departamento tiene diferentes requisitos para comparecer a la Conferencia de Liquidación Obligatoria.  Vea las instrucciones debajo sobre como comparecer a su audiencia. El tribunal ha reanudado los juicios civiles con jurado.

Como Comparecer A Su Audiencia Remotamente

Para comparecer as su audiencia remotamente llame al número (209)-992-5590, sigua las instrucciones y tecle (#) o almohadilla y el número de puente telefónico y (#) o almohadilla y la clave de acceso  para el departamento en el que su audiencia está programada.

Departamento 10A (Juez Abdallah): Puente Telefónico #6938; clave de acceso #3784
Departamento 10B (Juez Bañuelos): Puente Telefónico #6939; clave de acceso #3892
Departamento 10C (Juez Lee): Puente Telefónico #6937; clave de acceso #6822
Departamento 10D(Juez Kronlund): Puente Telefónico #6940; clave de acceso #3782
Departamento 11B(Juez Waters): Puente Telefónico #6941; clave de acceso #5564

Para Conferencias de Gestión de casos y continuación de Conferencias de Gestión de Casos: El secretario hará los anuncios y el Juez llamara la lista de casos. Por favor silencie su teléfono cuando no esté hablando y recuerde de regresar su teléfono a alta voz cuándo desee hablar.