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Direct Calendaring of Civil Cases

Civil cases are assigned to a judicial officer for all purposes at the time of filing the action. Direct calendaring rules shall not be construed to interfere with the Presiding Judge’s authority to assign or reassign cases. At the time of case initiation the clerk will issue a Notice of Assignment and stamp on the face of the original complaint and on the copies of the complaint the following notice:

“This case has been assigned to Judge ______________ in Department _____ for all purposes including trial.”

Calendar and Judicial Assignment

Law and Motion

Effective July 1, 2015 pursuant to Local Rule 3-113 Civil Law and Motion: Except where there is an order setting the date, the moving party may schedule the Law and Motion hearing in the Superior Court Clerk’s office when the moving papers are filed (subject to mandatory time provisions of statutes and Rules of Court). Motions are heard Tuesdays through Fridays at 9:00AM. When submitting the moving papers for filing, please have at least three (3) dates (within the proper time provisions) for the clerk to check for availability. Proof of service must be on file with the Superior Court Clerk’s office prior to the scheduled hearing.

Effective January 3, 2017  there will no longer be a dedicated calendar for hearing of discovery law and motion matters in limited and unlimited general civil cases.
The five civil departments will handle their own discovery law and motion matters (except for any civil discovery matters that are already filed and set for hearing in January – these will remain as previously set).

Please note:  All Civil Petitions to Approve Compromise of Minor will be heard by the Probate Judge (currently Judge Holland) on Monday’s only – the hearing must be scheduled at least 3 weeks out from the time of filing.

Tentative Rulings

Does San Joaquin County Superior Court post tentative rulings for law and motion matters?

Yes. San Joaquin County Superior Court, Stockton Branch, utilizes the tentative ruling system for law and motion matters. The tentative ruling process does not include unlawful detainers (evictions). Tentative rulings will be available for viewing beginning at 1:30PM on the court day preceding the scheduled hearing. To view a tentative ruling, visit the Tentative Rulings page , click on the Tentative Ruling button and follow the prompts. If you don’t have access to a computer or are unable to view the ruling, you may call the clerk’s office after 1:30PM but no later than 4:00PM on the day preceding the law and motion hearing. If the tentative ruling is satisfactory to counsel, or a self-represented party, he or she need not appear and the tentative ruling will become final.

How Do I Contest a Tentative Ruling?

Any party wishing to contest or argue the ruling is responsible to notify the court of his or her intent to appear no later than 4:00PM on the day preceding the scheduled hearing. The party is also required to notify affected counsel, or unrepresented parties, of his or her intent to appear, no later than 4:00PM on the day preceding the scheduled hearing.When you call the clerk’s office be prepared to give the clerk your case number, your name, telephone number, and the date and time of the hearing. Briefly, identify the issue you wish to argue and inform the clerk the manner in which you notified the opposing party.

Law and Motion Clerk: (209) 992-5714 – Monday – Friday, 8:00AM to 5:00PM

Ex Parte Matters

Any party wishing to schedule an Ex Parte matter must first contact the appropriate civil courtroom for approval before filing documents in the clerk’s office.  This process does not include unlawful detainers (evictions).

Court Assignment Table

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Telephone Appearances & CourtCall Information

Unless otherwise ordered, parties may appear by telephone at case management conferences, law and motion hearings, and fast track (OSC’s) hearings. If you want to appear by telephone you must make arrangements with CourtCall at least five (5) days before your hearing.  Counsel, or self-represented parties, wishing to appear by telephone, must be available at the designated date and time of the hearing and remain available until their matter is heard.

CourtCall: (888) 882-6878