Hours of Operation & Holiday Schedule

Court proceedings and trials generally begin in court at 8:30AM and conclude by 4:30PM. For specific department calendar schedules, see the list of current department assignments. The Clerk’s Offices and phone support are open for business from 8:00AM-12:00PM and 1:00PM-4:00PM. Courtroom clerks may be reached in their courtrooms from 8:15AM to 4:30PM.

Judicial Holidays in 2023
MondayJanuary 2, 2023New Year’s Day (2023)
MondayJanuary 16, 2023Martin Luther King, Jr’s. Birthday
MondayFebruary 13, 2023President Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday
MondayFebruary 20, 2023Presidents’ Day
FridayMarch 31, 2023Cesar Chavez Day
MondayMay 29, 2023Memorial Day
MondayJune 19, 2023Juneteenth
TuesdayJuly 4, 2023Independence Day
MondaySeptember 4, 2023Labor Day
FridaySeptember 22, 2023Native American Day
FridayNovember 10, 2023Veterans Day
ThursdayNovember 23, 2023Thanksgiving Day
FridayNovember 24, 2023Day after Thanksgiving
MondayDecember 25, 2023Christmas Day
Judicial Holidays in 2024
MondayJanuary 1, 2024New Year’s Day (2024)
MondayJanuary 15, 2024Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday
MondayFebruary 12, 2024Lincoln Day
MondayFebruary 19, 2024President’s Day
MondayApril 1, 2024Cesar Chavez Day
MondayMay 27, 2024Memorial Day
WednesdayJune 19, 2024Juneteenth
ThursdayJuly 4, 2024Independence Day
MondaySeptember 2, 2024Labor Day
FridaySeptember 27, 2024Native American Day
MondayNovember 11, 2024Veteran’s Day
ThursdayNovember 28, 2024Thanksgiving Day
FridayNovember 29, 2024Day after Thanksgiving
WednesdayDecember 25, 2024Christmas Day
Judicial Holidays in 2025
WednesdayJanuary 1, 2025New Year’s Day (2024)
MondayJanuary 20, 2025Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday
WednesdayFebruary 12, 2025Lincoln Day
MondayFebruary 17, 2025President’s Day
MondayMarch 31, 2025Cesar Chavez Day
MondayMay 26, 2025Memorial Day
ThursdayJune 19, 2025Juneteeth
FridayJuly 4, 2025Independence Day
MondaySeptember 1, 2025Labor Day
FridaySeptember 26, 2025Native American Day
TuesdayNovember 11, 2025Veteran’s Day
ThursdayNovember 27, 2025Thanksgiving Day
FridayNovember 28, 2025Day after Thanksgiving
ThursdayDecember 25, 2025Christmas Day

** Pursuant to California Rules of Court, Rule 1.11, when a judicial holiday specified by Code of Civil Procedure, Section 135 falls on Sunday, the courts shall observe the holiday on the following Monday. When a judicial holiday specified by Code of Civil Procedure, Section 135 falls on a Saturday, the courts shall observe the holiday on the preceding Friday.