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Superior Court of California – San Joaquin
Court Reporters
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Court reporters make a verbatim official record of court proceedings and are responsible for preparing transcripts as required by law or upon request of the parties. All of the court reporters employed by the Superior Court have successfully completed a rigorous program of study and have passed the California Certified Shorthand Reporters Board examination given by the State.

In addition to a permanent staff of official court reporters, the Court, on occasion, utilizes the services of additional pro tempore reporters to fill in on an as-needed basis.

The Court provides court reporters as required by law for the following case types:

  • Criminal – Felony
  • Juvenile Dependency
  • Juvenile Delinquency

The Court generally does not provide court reporters for the following case types:

  • Civil (Limited & Unlimited) – See public notice below
  • Criminal – Misdemeanor
  • Family Law

The Court does not provide court reporters for the following case types:

  • Probate (includes estates & trusts)
  • Conservatorships
  • Guardianships
  • Small Claims
  • Unlawful Detainers (Landlord/Tenant)
  • Infractions
  • Traffic

PUBLIC NOTICE – August 23, 2012
Non-availability of official court reporting services in civil departments

Parties may, by stipulation, arrange for the appointment of a privately retained certified shorthand reporter to serve in the matter where an official court reporter is not normally available. A copy of the court approved Stipulation and Order form may be obtained here , in the courtroom, or in the Clerk’s office.
There are two kinds of court records that reflect the actions taken in a particular case. The first is the court docket, also known as the register of actions. The register of actions is continually updated to reflect the parties and attorneys involved, new filed documents, appearance dates, and the actions that were taken in court hearings or alternative dispute resolution proceedings. Copies of the register of actions can be requested from the Records Management Department.

The second kind of court record is a transcript of court proceedings. Transcripts are verbatim records of everything said by the judge, attorneys, witnesses, and others during a court hearing or trial. Except for those transcripts required by law, the parties requesting the transcript are required to pay the reporters for preparation of the transcript. Information relating to reporter transcripts is contained in the Government Code, starting at Section 69950.

REQUEST A TRANSCRIPT – Cases in which the Court provided a Court Reporter
To request a copy of a court reporter transcript, please contact the official court reporter directly. If you do not have the name or contact information for the official court reporter, please submit your request to . Please note that this process does not apply to cases in which the parties arranged for the court reporter, see section below for that type of request.

When ordering a transcript, please include the following information:

  • Name, telephone number, and email address of requesting party
  • Case Name
  • Case Number
  • Type of Proceeding – be specific, for example, do you want a verbatim record of the plea, the sentence or the jury trial. Keep in mind that there will be a charge per page.
  • Date of Proceedings
  • Name of Judge
  • Department/Courtroom Number
  • Name of Reporter(s)

The Court Reporter in the case will contact you directly regarding your request.

REQUEST A TRANSCRIPT – Cases in which the parties arranged for the Court Reporter
The Court is not required to provide a court reporter in certain case types. However, a court reporter may have been present at one or more hearings in some of these case types. See the Stipulation and Order to use Certified Shorthand Reporter section above. If a court reporter was present and you would like to request a transcript you will need to contact the court reporter or their agency directly.

  • If you do not know the name of the court reporter, please contact the appropriate division in the Court to request that information.
  • If you know the name of the Court Reporter please contact them directly. You may be able to locate their contact information in the phonebook or online. An alternative is to get their business address from the Department of Consumer Affairs Court Reporters Board of California website at Click on License Verification and enter the name of the court reporter.