Form Packets

Effective July 6, 2021, the Clerk’s offices will no longer have form packets available for purchase. You are encouraged to print and complete any forms you may need, prior to your visit to the courthouse. This can save you time and/or additional trips to complete your business.

Superior Court staff is prohibited from providing legal assistance or advice in court matters. Persons appearing on their own behalf, in Propria Persona or Pro Per, are ultimately responsible for deciding which forms to file. All forms prepared and presented to the Court for filing, must be completed with the proper legal format. Applicable fees or a fee waiver application, in compliance with the governing authority, must be submitted with your filing. Please seek legal assistance, if needed, or refer to the resources listed on the Division’s page for links to available guidance. Additional Self-Help guidance can be found on California Court’s website or the court’s website.



Child Custody and Support

Child Custody or Visitation Modification

Child Support Modification

Civil Harassment Restraining Order



Declaration of Disclosure

Default – No Hearing

Dissolution, Legal Separation, Nullity, Domestic Partnership

Domestic Violence Restraining Order with Children

Domestic Violence Restraining Order without Children

Elder Abuse Restraining Order


Fee Waiver

First Time Child Custody in a Family Support Case


Guardianship or Conservatorship Fee Waiver

Gun Violence Restraining Order


Name Change

Parental Relationship

Response or Responsive Declaration

Small Claims

Stepparent Adoption

Summary Dissolution

Unlawful Detainer (Evictions)