Form Packets – Unlawful Detainer (Evictions)

CM-010Civil Case Cover
UD-101Plaintiff’s Mandatory Cover Sheet and Supplemental Allegations – Unlawful
UD-100Complaint- Unlawful
POS-010Proof of Service of
UD-150Request/Counter-Request to Set Case for
CIV-100Request for Entry of Default (Application to Enter Default)
UD-116Declaration for Default Judgment by Court (UD-Civ. Proc., Section 585(d))
UD-120Verification by Landlord Regarding Rental Assistance – Unlawful
UD-115Stipulation for Entry of
UD-110 Judgment-Unlawful
UD-110S Judgment-Unlawful Detainer
EJ-130Writ of

General Information for Unlawful Detainers (Evictions)

Please make sure to read and follow the guidelines set forth in current legislation, prior to submitting your documents for filing. This will help you to avoid any delay in processing your papers due to incorrect or incomplete paperwork.

Submitting Your Forms for Filing
  • Make sure to provide all of the required forms for your scenario
    • All information must be completed
    •  If not typed, forms must be legibly handwritten in blue or black ink
    • Forms must be dated and signed by the Plaintiffs and/or the attorney of record
  • Submit the original plus a set of copies for yourself and each of the defendants. Failure to provide copies may result in additional fees. Always remember to include a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) with adequate postage in order to have your copies returned to you. Failure to include a SASE will result in in your copies being placed in the pick-up cabinet located at the Security Desk in Stockton or the Manteca Clerk’s Office if a Manteca case. Documents not picked up within 30 days may be destroyed.
  • Provide the correct filing fee for your petition to be processed. View current filing fees at /forms-filing/court-fee-schedule/ .

If you cannot afford to pay the court fees and costs, you may ask the Court to waive all or part of your fees by completing a Fee Waiver Application, form FW-001. (See Fee Waiver Form Packet information.)

Interpreter Needs

All court proceedings are in English. If you require the assistance of an interpreter, you can ask the Court to provide an interpreter by competing and filing Judicial Council form INT-300 – Request for Interpreter at

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