Form Packets – Guardianship

Form Packets – Guardianship FORMS NEEDED TO FILE FOR APPOINTMENT OF GUARDIAN FORMS NEEDED TO FILE FOR APPOINTMENT OF GUARDIAN FORM NUMBER FORM NAME DOWNLOAD IT FROM: GC-205 Guardianship Pamphlet     Guardianship Pamphlet (Spanish)     Guardianship Pamphlet (Korean)     Guardianship Pamphlet (Chinese)     Guardianship Pamphlet (Vietnamese) […]

Form Packets – Guardianship or Conservator Fee Waiver

Form Packets – Guardianship or Conservator Fee Waiver FORMS NEEDED TO FILE FOR GUARDIANSHIP OR CONSERVATOR FEE WAIVER FORM NUMBER FORM NAME DOWNLOAD IT FROM: FW-001-INFO Information Sheet on Waiver of Superior Court Fees and Costs FW-001-GC Request to Waive Court Fees (Superior Court) (Ward or Conservatee) FW-003-GC Order on Court Fee Waiver […]


Guardianship A guardianship of the person is sometimes needed when, no matter how much parents love their child, they are not able to parent. A guardianship of the estate is sometimes needed when the child receives or is entitled to receieve funds from and inhertiance, and/or as the result of a legal damages award. In […]

Guardianship Intake

Guardianship Intake Videos to walk through filling out forms. Video Instructions Forms required Form GC 250 Form GC 248 Form GC 240 Form GC 211 Form GC 140 Form GC 210ca Form GC 150 Form GC 210p Form GC 212 Form GC 20 Form GC 120

Form Packets – Conservatorship

Form Packets – Conservatorship FORMS NEEDED TO FILE FOR APPOINTMENT OF CONSERVATOR FORM NUMBER FORM NAME DOWNLOAD IT FROM GC-310 Petition for Appointment of Probate Conservator GC-020 Notice of Hearing-Guardianship or Conservatorship GC-020(MA) Attachment to Notice of Hearing Proof of Service by Mail GC-079 Pre-Move Notice of Proposed Change of Personal Residence […]

Form Packets

Form Packets Effective July 6, 2021, the Clerk’s offices will no longer have form packets available for purchase. You are encouraged to print and complete any forms you may need, prior to your visit to the courthouse. This can save you time and/or additional trips to complete your business. Superior Court staff is prohibited from […]

Pro Per Clinic Information

Pro Per Clinic Information In parallel with the onsite workshop, the Pro Per Clinic is also providing online support for the following processes: Custody and Visitation Dissolution, Legal Separation and Nullity Guardianship Intake Response Glossary The Pro Per clinic is providing methods and procedures using videos to provide assistance without the patrons having to be onsite […]

Court Reporter Information

Court Reporter Information Court reporters make a verbatim official record of court proceedings and are responsible for preparing transcripts as required by law or upon request of the parties. All of the court reporters employed by the Superior Court have successfully completed a rigorous program of study and have passed the California Certified Shorthand Reporters […]


Probate The Probate Division handles decedents’ estates, guardianship of minors, and conservatorship of adults who are unable to provide for their personal needs or manage their financial resources. The Probate Examiner reviews all documents for content and legal requirements before such matters are acted on by the Court at calendared hearings or on ex parte […]

Self-Help/Pro Per Clinic

Self-Help/Pro Per Clinic If you have a new case, please submit a ticket through the online workshop. ONLINE WORKSHOP The Family Law Facilitator/ Pro Per Clinic provides free services to help people who do not have private attorneys. WORKSHOP FLYER (ENGLISH) / WORKSHOP FLYER (Español) ONLINE DOCUMENT REVIEW To better serve you, the Self-Help Center is expanding our […]