STOCKTON – Over 500 participants of the Collaborative Courts have successfully completed one of the court rehabilitation programs at the Superior Court of California, Count of San Joaquin County over the past two years. On Thursday, August 26, 2021, we celebrate this achievement with a commencement ceremony at 4 p.m. at the Stockton Arena, 248 W. Fremont St., Stockton, CA.

Collaborative Courts is a division of the Superior Court, which combines judicial supervision with monitoring and rehabilitation to reduce recidivism by addressing issues that contribute to criminal behavior. With the goal of improving public safety and client outcomes, these courts also are known as problem-solving courts. Collaborative Courts focuses on utilizing data-driven, evidence-based practices, comprehensive evaluation and assessment plans to improve the quality of the lives of the people we serve.

“Collaborative Courts and Programs would like to congratulate our graduating clients! This graduation is not only a time to celebrate, however, to reflect on the strength, perseverance and determination to succeed,” said Kelly Placeres, Director of Collaborative Courts and Programs. “This graduation would not have taken place had it not been for the support of the clients, staff members, outside agencies, and community services support. Despite the challenges associated with the pandemic, the Collaborative Courts enhanced the support of their clients and the community. These challenges were met with modifications and innovative methods. The priority to continue to provide critical services and support is paramount to the success of the clients and the community.”

The graduation program will feature:

Key Note Speaker – Kevin J. Lincoln II, Mayor of Stockton. Mayor Kevin J. Lincoln was elected to office in November 2020. Born in Stockton, Mayor Lincoln was raised in an Army family and was inspired to serve others. He joined the United States Marine Corps in 2001 and began his training at the military police academy. Mayor Lincoln was later recruited by the White House Military Office and assigned to Marine One, where he would serve President George W. Bush. Following his service in the military, he worked for one of the nation’s top private security companies for eight years in the Silicon Valley.

In 2013, Mayor Lincoln felt the desire to resign his corporate position to serve the community of Stockton through full-time ministry at a local church. His decision to run for mayor stemmed from this love of people, and desire to serve the City of Stockton. He will focus on the fundamental needs of the community and build bridges of trust to address and resolve issues including homelessness, public safety, civic engagement, and economic development, among others. Mayor Lincoln has an Associates of Arts in Business, Bachelor of Science in Business Management, and a Master’s Degree in Executive Leadership. The Mayor and his wife Bonnie have been married for 19 years and have two wonderful children.

Graduate Speaker: Mark Castaneda. Mr. Castaneda came to our Drug Court in custody, homeless with nowhere to go. Since his graduation in Aug 2020, he enrolled at Delta College to major in Mathematics, maintaining a 4.0 GPA and a spot on the Dean’s List. He volunteers his time to be a part of SJDC Rising Scholars (supporting housing insecure students), Phoenix Project (supporting formerly incarcerated students), MESA (supporting the science/tech/engineering/math students) and is the Treasurer of the club SHPE (Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers). He was recently accepted into the NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars. He is set to transfer to UOP in the Spring of 2022 where he has changed his major and is pursuing a BS in Engineering Physics.

Collaborative Courts, a division fully supported by grants, includes Drug Court (Track 1 and 2); Dependency Drug Court (PROP 1 and 2); DUI Court (Track 1 and 2); Parole Reentry Court; Veterans Court, three AB109 reentry court – Compliance Court, Monitoring Court, Mandatory Supervision Court; and the “Choices and Consequences” prevention program, which are school presentations that aim to deter middle school and high school students from using drugs and alcohol.

For more information, please contact Kelly Placeres at 992-5225.